Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Good Fight.

In the boxing world, they often quote St. Paul's letter to Timothy, just before he was about to leave them and move on to his next mission:
I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept my faith in tact.
Urges are like waves in the ocean; they come and go, some more big than others. Each time a wave passes I write a couple of these words down. My therapist would call it a distraction technique, but mostly these words allow me to see myself as a fighter with a choice to carry on. When it feels like there is nothing to fight for nor a point to the whole struggle, I become an active participant in my own life by choosing to endure through the pain. Dealing with urges are exhausting and often an uphill battle, but words like fortitude, perseverance and resilience soon become part of your make up. Somehow you have gained the courage to continue on, feeling more confident that you'll find yourself again at the end, weary from the fight, but faith in tact.

Special shout out to Trinity Boxing Club for helping me find the fight in me.

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