Friday, June 20, 2008

At a Crossroad

The more I listen to personal stories of strife, frustration and helplessness the more urgent I feel something must be done. For the past year of listening I have also been writing my ideas, discussing possibilities and asking for feedback about the needs of people with Borderline Personality Disorder. What can I do? How do I help? What will create the most impact? Today I stand at a crossroads: make this project a reality or lose momentum and let it fall by the waste side. I don't think I can give up on something that has not only changed my life but also saved it. So today I am making the jump from abstract to concrete; from ideals to pragmatism; from fear of failing to courage in spite of fear. This blog will not only be a sounding board for all the information that has been percolating inside my brain in the past year but also a practical, step by step approach to creating a business plan. I hope you will become a part of this journey too.

I will be using a book by Andrew Wolk & Kelley Kreitz called Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact as a template. The parent company, RootCause is a nonprofit organization that advances enduring solutions to social and economic problems by supporting social innovators and educating social impact investors.