Monday, December 3, 2007

Chutes too Narrow

It's only been a week into my year-long project and I've already found myself in a bit of a quandary: should I make my personal cause public? It seems like an obvious answer (of course!), albeit insignificant (my handful of loyal readers, you rock) but sometimes the things most close to heart are those most difficult to open up about. And so I look to a fellow journeyer, Rebecca Thorman, to remind me simply — yet powerfully — of what it means to lead:

...being a leader means being unfailingly honest and transparent. Stay true to who you are. The rest will follow... The longer you wait to take action, the higher the edge will seem from the ground. You must take the jump, and trust the parachute will open eventually.

While you're waiting for that chute to open one of the first things you worry about is being out there, all alone, falling flat on your face with no one there to help you pick up the pieces. But I've noticed that the more you do put yourself out there, the more you tell your story and the more personal it becomes, the less those worry-thoughts appear and the more courage you gain. Somehow, you find meaning in this crazy journey you've started on and even on the bad days you can hear yourself saying, sure, I can do this. I can definitely do this...

So thanks Rebecca, for your words of encouragement. Here's to taking that first step, that first jump. Here's to what we're doing right now — sharing our ideals, our passion, our accomplishments and mistakes — just laying it all out there. For what we we do now can only create the change and much needed momentum for the journey on. Who doesn't need that.


When you commit yourself to making a difference in the world and share your passion and idealism with others, 'guardian angels' will emerge to help you.
- City Year cofounder Alan Khazei as quoted in Forces for Good


Rebecca said...

Okay, now I'm dying to know what you're doing! :) Love your writing.


Take your time in opening up. I've noticed that IMing, emailing, texting and blogging sometimes makes us feel invisible and we sometimes say things that we wouldn't ordinarily feel comfortable saying to someone face to face. Picture me and your other dedicated readers... and when you can see yourself opening up face to face - that's when you know it's the right time =)