Thursday, December 13, 2007

As if 422 Comments Ain't Good Enough

Like many other bloggers out there, I do a daily, if not hourly check at my favorite sites... one often visited is Rebecca Thorman's Modite. Not only is her writing insightful, witty and inspiring but she can also take the credit for my desire to be a part of these new generation of leaders. Modite also has a myriad of links to other noteworthy sites. Today I decided to try and tackle one new link a day. I said to myself, "Hmm. dooce... funky name. That seems like a good place to start." Who would of thought that the day I checked out her site more than 422 others did the same. 422. As if having four hundred-plus readers weren't enough, all the comments to Heather Armstrong began or ended with two words: thank you.

And because she couldn't say it on the phone, Heather gave the rest of the world courage to speak about something so many, including myself, are ingrainedly ashamed of. With one post she opened up a conversation that 422 others agree so desperately needs to be talked about: Mental Illness. Dooce, thank you for giving me the courage to speak.

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