Tuesday, November 27, 2007

O Captain! my Captain! rise up..

I just told my partner in crime about my year-long plan. Well, she's not really my partner, just someone I look up to since she has already incorporated as a NPO in Florida. I bounce off all my lofty and practical ideas as well as silly and serious questions through her. Does this make sense? Can I ask you something? How did you do that? I haven't met her yet, but we've become kindred spirits; changing, influencing and moving our cause along. Below is her seize-the-day-o-captain-my-captain advice to me. I love it. There's no better way to shake it all up than grabbing the bull by the horn.

Get out there. Take notes. Collect business cards of everyone you meet. If you have time, try and volunteer. Look at each organization's strengths and weaknesses. Find out where the gaps in services are. Figure out why some programs work and why some don't (hint: it's not usually about money). Collect the names of people you don't know--start a spreadsheet and include every single professional in New York City -- you're going to want to e-mail and snail mail these people when it comes time to promote and then again for fundraising. Learn everything you can about your cause. Realize that once your phone number is out there that you're going to get calls at 2:00 am or on a Sunday afternoon. These people are going to be looking towards you for answers.


Rebecca said...

I'm curious, what type of organization do you want to start? Great go getter advice btw.

me@gmail.com said...
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me@gmail.com said...

I am so proud of you!